Ahad Cheema opts out of fee waiver for children at Aitchison College.

Ahad Cheema chooses not to utilize the ‘fee waiver facility’ for his children’s education at Aitchison College.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Ahad Cheema has chosen to forego the opportunity to utilize the fee waiver facility for his children enrolled at Aitchison College, amidst public criticism.

Nonetheless, he advocates for the continuation of the “fee waiver policy” for other students.

The controversy surrounding the fee waiver arose when Principal Michael Thomson resigned following an order from Punjab Governor Balighur Rehman to waive the fees for Cheema’s sons.

In a letter to the Punjab governor, Cheema clarified that he does not wish to avail the fee waiver for his children.

He explained that his wife had submitted the fee waiver application concerning their children’s leave of absence from Aitchison College.

After deliberating on the matter for over a year, the governor issued a new policy, prompted by Cheema’s spouse’s representation, which waives fees when a student is not attending the college.

Cheema commended this policy for its fairness and equity, criticizing the politicization of the issue.

Cheema also rejected any clandestine offers of relief, emphasizing adherence to principles.

He condemned Principal Thomson for instigating unnecessary controversy, asserting that the new policy will benefit students and parents.

Thomson announced his resignation, citing his disillusionment with the college’s governance and management, highlighting biased actions from the Governor’s House.

Despite canceling the children’s admissions after their leave ended, the governor reinstated them, acknowledging the college’s policy regarding guaranteed places after prolonged absence.