Arnold Schwarzenegger Stands Firm for ‘FUBAR’ Amid Health Crisis

Arnold Schwarzenegger, recovering from heart surgeries, reassures fans. Shares picture with “DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE” device.

Los Angeles: Renowned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently shared an update on his health journey, following a series of heart surgeries.

Posting a picture on Instagram, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a device, humorously labeled “DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE,” connected to his heart, but reassured fans about his recovery.

The 76-year-old star expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans worldwide, stating, “Thank you! I’ve gotten so many kind messages from all over the world.”

Despite the challenges, Schwarzenegger remained optimistic, asserting that the device, designed to regulate his heart rhythm, wouldn’t hinder his future projects.

Addressing concerns about his involvement in Netflix’s action-comedy series “FUBAR,” Schwarzenegger confirmed his readiness to resume filming for Season 2 in April.

He quipped, “But a lot of people have asked if my pacemaker will cause any problems with FUBAR Season 2. Absolutely not. I will be ready to film in April, and you can only see it if you’re really looking for it.”

“FUBAR” follows the story of a CIA operative navigating family secrets and one last mission before retirement. Schwarzenegger’s update came shortly after he disclosed undergoing a pacemaker procedure, injecting his trademark humor by likening himself to a “machine,” a nod to his iconic Terminator character, during a podcast discussion.