Newborn baby was allegedly thrown from Rooftop by Mother

Newborn Baby Allegedly Thrown from Rooftop by Mother in Karachi strikes tragedy

Karachi: In a heart-wrenching and shocking turn of events, a mother stands accused of hurling her own newborn baby girl from the top floor of a building, plunging the city of Karachi into deep sorrow and disbelief.

The distressing incident unfolded in the vicinity of No. 4, Liaquatabad area, where the innocence of a precious life was abruptly taken away. Reports indicate that the infant, merely five hours old, met a tragic fate as she was cruelly tossed from the roof of the building by her own mother.

Amidst the chaos and anguish, the infant’s maternal uncle stepped forward, bravely lodging a complaint with the authorities, recounting the harrowing details of the dreadful act.

Authorities swiftly responded, initiating a thorough investigation into this heinous crime that has left the entire community reeling in shock.

As the investigation progresses, the police have shed light on the distressing circumstances surrounding the incident. It has been revealed that the mother, grappling with drug addiction, has been detained and is currently under police custody.

Furthermore, authorities have disclosed that the woman’s mental state will be evaluated by medical professionals, shedding light on the complexities and challenges surrounding her troubled condition.

Adding to the tragic narrative, it has been disclosed that the woman had endured the pain of divorce just a few years prior, raising questions about the tumultuous journey that led to this unspeakable act.