Bilal Qureshi Advocates Modesty in Showbiz Attire

Karachi: Bilal Qureshi urges Pakistani actresses to wear suitable clothes during award shows.

Pakistani actor Bilal Qureshi has urged actresses in the showbiz industry to refrain from wearing revealing clothes during events.

In a recent podcast interview, Bilal Qureshi discussed his comments on actresses’ outfits at award shows.

His viral social media praise for actress Darfashan Saleem’s dress prompted him to emphasize his opinion that actresses should avoid opting for revealing attire.

Qureshi clarified that he doesn’t intend to spark a religious debate but believes in respecting the cultural norms where such clothing is considered inappropriate.

According to Qureshi, a woman looks beautiful in a full dress, and he highlighted that his wife, actress Arusa, and sister adhere to modest clothing.

Qureshi shared an incident where he advised a fellow actress not to share a picture in inappropriate attire on social media, considering the potential criticism aligned with cultural norms.

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