Bill for TikTok ban approved by US

US House Approves Bill Mandating TikTok Sale or Face Ban

The US House passed a bill on Saturday afternoon mandating that TikTok’s parent company either sell the app or face a nationwide ban.

Under the bill’s guidelines, ByteDance, based in China, must divest TikTok within nine months, with the president having the option to extend this deadline to a year.

Failure to comply would result in a ban on the app throughout the country.

With support from President Biden and the Senate, the bill, which extends the divestiture period compared to a previous House bill, now has a greater chance of leading to TikTok’s prohibition in the United States.

Later today, the House is set to vote on three proposals authorizing additional security assistance to the Indo-Pacific region, as well as to Israel and Ukraine.

Following a rare bipartisan alliance, with more Democrats (165) than Republicans (151) supporting the “rule” to advance the legislation, the chamber is scheduled to vote on the four measures consecutively this afternoon.

It is expected that the three bills related to foreign aid will also pass in the coming days and be sent to the Senate for approval.

These bills are part of the $95 billion relief package advocated by President Joe Biden, albeit with some modifications from the version approved by the Senate two months ago.