Contaminated water found in Parliament House accommodations.

Pakistan Water Research Council urges NA Secretariat for immediate action.

Disturbing disclosures have emerged concerning the safety of the drinking water, even within the esteemed confines of parliament.

Recent accounts suggest that the drinking water supplied to Parliament House and its associated lodgings has been deemed hazardous to health, causing apprehension among legislators and personnel alike.

The Pakistan Council for Research on Water Resources (PCRW) has shed light on this crucial matter by sending a letter to the National Assembly Secretariat, urging urgent action.

As per the PCRW’s quarterly water testing report, the water samples collected from Parliament House and lodgings have tested positive for contamination, posing a significant health risk.

The report highlights that all water samples from six locations within Parliament House, including the deputy speaker’s room, have been found to be tainted.

The contamination encompasses various sources such as water coolers, overhead tanks, and taps within the premises.

Similarly, the situation appears grim at Parliament Lodges, with water samples from three tank blocks deemed unsuitable for use.

However, there is a positive note, as water from the main filtration plant at Parliament Lodges has been deemed safe for consumption, according to the report.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) bears the responsibility for ensuring the provision of clean water to Parliament House and lodgings.

However, the recent findings underscore a failure in this responsibility, casting doubts on the effectiveness of existing water filtration and management systems.

The disclosure of unsafe drinking water within the core of the legislative framework has triggered outrage and demands for immediate action to address the situation. Legislators, personnel, and the public are calling for swift measures to tackle the contamination issue and guarantee the supply of safe drinking water to all occupants of Parliament House and lodgings.