Engineers Launch AI Wearables for Vocal Cord-Free Speaking

AI wearable device empowers speech for those without vocal cords.

Los Angeles: UCLA engineers unveil an AI-powered wearable device poised to transform communication for individuals without vocal cords.

The innovation promises a new era of speech for those recovering from laryngeal cancer surgeries or with dysfunctional vocal cords, offering a potential lifeline for millions facing speech difficulties.

The device, detailed in the journal Nature Communications, resembles a compact square inch and is worn externally on the throat.

Leveraging bioelectric signals from larynx muscles, it achieves remarkable speech accuracy nearing 95%.

Crafted by Jun Chen and his team, the wearable comprises self-powered sensing and actuating components, each featuring silicone and magnetically induced layers.

Utilizing magnetoelastic technology, the sensing device detects laryngeal muscle motion, converting it into electrical signals processed through a machine-learning algorithm to produce articulate speech.

The actuation component then transforms signals into audible output.

Weighing just 7 grams and measuring a mere 0.06 inches thick, the AI device is discreetly affixed to the throat with biocompatible tape, offering a non-intrusive alternative to existing solutions.

During testing among healthy individuals, the device exhibited exceptional accuracy, enabling communication through predetermined sentences without sound.

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