Alizeh Shah Faces Backlash for preferring ‘Korean Look’

Fans criticize Alizeh Shah for opting for a ‘Korean look’ instead of embracing her natural beauty.

Likewise, the beauty norms, makeup choices, and hairstyles popular in South Korea are gaining traction among the youth.

Alizeh Shah, an actress, recently posted fresh photos of herself on Instagram.

However, her attempt to adopt a ‘Korean look’ didn’t resonate well with fans.

Many feel that by imitating Korean makeup and hairstyles, she lost the innate charm and innocence of her appearance.

Alizeh Shah, known for her role in the drama “Ehd e Wafa,” rose to fame and has been a prominent figure in numerous successful dramas.

With a strong presence on social media, she has been increasingly embracing Korean-inspired looks, as evident in her latest photos, showcasing her admiration for Korean beauty trends.