Multiple Flights Affected as Dense Fog Hits Lahore Airport

Lahore Airport flights were delayed due to dense fog and challenging weather conditions.

Inclement weather, specifically dense fog, has significantly disrupted operations at Lahore Airport, leading to numerous delays and cancellations for both domestic and international flights.

Various airlines and routes have been adversely affected by the foggy conditions.

Notably, Flight DV-850 to Almaty was canceled due to the challenging weather, while Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) experienced substantial delays.

PIA Flight PK 263 to Abu Dhabi faced a 2.5-hour delay, and Flight PK-291 to Muscat was delayed by five hours.

Flight PK-283 to Dubai encountered a 3.5-hour delay. Several other flights, including Fly Baghdad’s Flight 342 to Najaf and PIA’s Flight PK-247 to Dammam, experienced significant schedule setbacks.

These disruptions underscore the difficulties posed by adverse weather conditions, particularly dense fog, impacting travel schedules and inconveniencing passengers.

Airlines and airport authorities are actively managing the situation to assist affected travelers during these unforeseen circumstances.

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