Highway Police gun attack leaves cop dead, two injured

Highway Police Officer Killed in Mansehra Gun Attack

In Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a tragic incident unfolded as Highway Police officers encountered gunfire, resulting in the death of one officer and injuries to two others.

The altercation erupted over a traffic violation, leading to a fatal exchange near the Bedra Interchange.

DPO Shafiullah Gandapur initiated a search operation to apprehend the assailants, cordoning off the area.

The deceased officer, Aamir Khan Swati, was identified in the aftermath.

This incident echoes previous instances of violence against law enforcement, notably a recent altercation where a woman collided her vehicle with a Motorway Police officer in response to a speeding violation.

Such confrontations underscore the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel in maintaining public safety on the roads.