Iranian President Raisi expresses desire to speak at ‘public gathering’ in Pakistan

Iranian President Raisi Expresses Desire to Address Public Gathering in Pakistan

Iranian President Raisi, on his three-day official visit to Pakistan, expressed his desire to address a public gathering in Lahore.

He paid tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal at his mausoleum, emphasizing the special bond between Pakistan and Iran.

Raisi praised Pakistan’s support for Gaza and highlighted the significance of Allama Iqbal’s anti-colonial message.

Upon arriving in Lahore, Raisi received a warm welcome from Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz at the airport.

Various government officials were also present to greet the Iranian president.

Raisi’s itinerary includes visits to GC University Lahore, meetings with provincial officials, and a visit to Karachi, where he will pay homage to Quaid-e-Azam.

A public holiday was declared in Lahore to facilitate the visit.

Raisi is scheduled to return to Tehran on Wednesday.