Israeli Tanks Encircle Eastern Rafah, Residents in Peril

Israeli Forces Tighten Grip on Eastern Rafah: Escalating Fear and Chaos

Israeli tanks have surrounded the main road dividing Rafah’s eastern and western halves, effectively encircling the entire eastern side of the city in the southern Gaza Strip.

Residents report ongoing explosions and gunfire, indicating fierce clashes between Israeli forces and fighters from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Hamas claims to have engaged Israeli tanks near a mosque in the eastern part of the city, suggesting Israeli forces have advanced several kilometers into the outskirts of the built-up area.

Civilians have been ordered to evacuate the eastern half of Rafah, forcing tens of thousands to seek shelter outside the city, adding to the already massive displacement caused by the conflict.

Israel aims to root out Hamas fighters believed to be hiding in Rafah, while Hamas vows to defend the city.

However, aid agencies warn that the battle places hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians at risk.

Residents describe the situation as extremely dangerous, with tank shells landing indiscriminately throughout Rafah.

Many are attempting to flee, but some face financial barriers to securing shelter for their families.