Kristen Stewart Returns as Vampire in ‘Flesh of Gods’

Kristen Stewart and Oscar Isaac Lead ‘Flesh of Gods’

Kristen Stewart, famed for her role in The Twilight Saga, is set to embrace her vampire persona once again in the upcoming thriller ‘Flesh of the Gods.’

Teaming up with Oscar Isaac, the duo will lead this Panos Cosmatos-directed film set amidst the vibrant nightlife of 1980s Los Angeles.

As the narrative unfolds, Stewart’s character, Alex, and Isaac’s character, Raoul, embark on a surreal journey triggered by a chance encounter with a mysterious woman named Nameless.

With Cosmatos at the helm, known for his work on the action horror film ‘Mandy,’ the movie promises a unique blend of excitement and danger.

Produced by industry heavyweights like Betsy Koch and Adam McKay, along with Isaac and his wife, and scripted by Andrew Kevin Walker, production is slated to kick off later this year.