Mari Petroleum Discovers Gas Reserves in North Waziristan

The new gas reservoir to yield an initial output of 600,000 cubic feet of gas per day: Mari Petroleum.

North Waziristan: Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MARI) has reported a major gas discovery at the Shewa-2 appraisal-cum-exploratory well in North Waziristan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to their filing on the PSX, the drilling, which reached a depth of 4,577 meters on November 01, 2023, aimed to appraise the Lockhart and Hangu formations, previously identified in the exploratory well Shewa-1, and evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the Samanasuk and Kawagarh formations.

The Drill Stem Test conducted in the Kawagarh formation, one of the exploratory targets, revealed a sustainable gas flow rate of 0.607 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) at a wellhead flowing pressure (WHFP) of 97 pounds per square inch (Psi) using a 32/64-inch choke size.

This discovery in the Kawagarh formation complements the previously identified hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs in the Lockhart and Hangu formations at Shewa-1.

The appraisal of the Lockhart and Hangu Formations at Shewa-2 has verified the extension of the hydrocarbon reserves in these formations.

The Hungu formation at the same well recorded a gas flow rate of 0.274 MMSCFD at a WHFP of 77 Psi, also using a 32/64-inch choke size.

Post-acid treatment, the Lockhart formation at Shewa-2 demonstrated a gas flow rate of 51 MMSCFD and 391 barrels of condensate per day at a WHFP of 5,972 Psi, employing a 38/64-inch choke size.

Mari Petroleum holds a 55% working interest and operates the Waziristan Block, with joint venture partners OGDCL and OPI having working interests of 35% and 10%, respectively.

In a statement, Mari Petroleum highlighted that the discovery in North Waziristan would initially yield 6 lakh cubic feet of gas per day.

The drilling process, initiated on June 2, 2023, culminated in reaching a depth of 4577 meters. This newfound gas reservoir is expected to significantly contribute to Pakistan‘s energy resources.

The company emphasized that this discovery would enhance the country’s gas reserves, marking a crucial milestone in Pakistan’s quest for energy security.

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