Maryam-led Punjab gov’t to try corrupt police

Punjab Government Plans Crackdown on Police Corruption and Crime

Maryam Nawaz-led Punjab government, aiming to root out corruption within the police force, decided in a cabinet meeting to conduct “special court martial” proceedings against corrupt officials.

The meeting, chaired by CM Maryam, also discussed the law and order situation, announcing plans for a “special audit system” to identify corrupt officers and initiate legal action.

Additionally, proposals were made to establish border security forces, specialized police units for different crimes, and to continue the anti-drug campaign.

The government also intends to introduce legislative amendments for harsher penalties in rape cases. Emphasizing citizen protection, CM Maryam highlighted plans to equip the police with modern technology and strengthen measures against illegal activities like kite flying and arms possession.

She emphasized the need for decisive action against terrorism, smuggling, and criminal gangs.