Meghan Markle’s post-marriage plans deemed ‘obvious’ from outset

Royal Expert Tom Bower Discusses Meghan Markle’s Predictable Post-Marriage Plans

Royal expert Tom Bower suggests that Meghan Markle‘s post-marriage plans were predictable from the beginning.

In a piece for The Daily Mail, he discusses the couple’s past statements post-Megxit and their apparent move away from them.

Despite initially claiming to seek privacy in North America and promising not to commercialize their royal titles, Bower notes that since arriving in California in 2021, they have been actively publicizing and profiting from their status.

The launch of American Riviera Orchard on Instagram, labeled “by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex,” is cited as an example. Bower asserts that the couple’s trajectory has been evident since their wedding in 2018, particularly evident in their high-profile guest list.