No New Corona Variant Cases in Pakistan: Caretaker Health Minister

Pakistan Remains Vigilant Against New Corona Variant: Health Minister Nadeem Jan

Caretaker Health Minister Nadeem Jan assures the Senate that no case of the new coronavirus has been reported in Pakistan, but the country remains on red alert.

In a recent statement, he emphasized issuing advisories thrice and highlighted ongoing efforts to decentralize testing labs, making them accessible at the district level.

Minister Jan likened the publicized illness to influenza, urging continued caution and adherence to preventive measures.

He further reiterated the government’s commitment to monitoring the situation proactively, ensuring preparedness to respond promptly to any emerging challenges.

While the current absence of cases is encouraging, the decision to maintain a red alert status underscores a commitment to staying vigilant and adaptive in the evolving landscape of the global health crisis.

The government remains dedicated to safeguarding public health and preventing the potential spread of the new variant.

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