Pakistan seeks collaboration with the US for global peace and security, Shehbaz informs Biden

Pakistan’s Proposal for Collaboration with the US: Advancing Global Peace and Security

Responding to a letter from US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed Pakistan’s eagerness to collaborate with the United States in achieving common objectives of global peace, stability, and regional advancement.

He highlighted ongoing joint efforts in energy, climate change, agriculture, health, and education sectors, emphasizing Islamabad’s high regard for its relationship with Washington.

The Prime Minister welcomed cooperation on energy and the Green Alliance framework.

Biden’s letter underscored the enduring partnership between the two nations, pledging continued US support for Pakistan in addressing global and regional challenges.

This communication holds significance amid past strains in US-Pakistan relations, with Biden reaffirming commitments to health security, economic growth, education, climate resilience, and human rights promotion.