Pakistani Director Parmesh Adiwal Embraces Islam

Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi Director Parmesh Adiwal embraces Islam

Renowned Pakistani Hindu director, Parmesh Adewal, has embraced Islam, marking a significant spiritual journey.

The director, known for successful projects like ‘Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi’ and ‘Ishrat Made in China,’ shared a video of his worship at the Prophet’s Mosque, accompanied by Atif Aslam‘s Qawwali Tajdar Haram.

Parmesh Adiwal’s announcement on Instagram has since gone viral, drawing congratulations from fellow showbiz stars.

The director, who has been a part of Pakistan’s showbiz industry for years, not only showcased his talent in directing popular dramas but also directed numerous OSTs and contributed to well-received commercials.

Parmesh’s journey into Islam has been warmly received by fans and colleagues alike.