Pakistani Embassy, FIA Liberates Youths from Human Traffickers in Iran

Pakistani Embassy and FIA collaborate to rescue Pakistani youth entrapped by human traffickers in Iran

The Embassy of Pakistan in Iran and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) confirmed on Monday the return of three Pakistani youngsters to their homes after being abducted by human traffickers in Iran.

Faisal, Nazir Hasnain, and Anwar, originally from Lahore, were rescued from the clutches of traffickers who exploited their aspirations for a better life abroad.

The victims fell prey to false promises of passage to Europe and endured harrowing tales of torture and exploitation during their captivity.

The traffickers resorted to abhorrent tactics, including sending videos of torture to extort money from the youths’ families.

Their journey, orchestrated by traffickers, involved a convoluted route from Iran to Turkey and onward to Italy and Greece under the guise of migration.

However, authorities intervened, halting their journey and thwarting the traffickers’ nefarious plans.

The key figures behind the trafficking ring, identified as Zaheer Abbas, Talha, and Sarwar from the Hafizabad area, are now facing imminent justice as law enforcement agencies intensify efforts to apprehend them.

In response to this incident, the Ministry of Home Affairs has pledged decisive action against human trafficking networks within Pakistan’s borders. The FIA, with public cooperation, is conducting rigorous raids to ensure swift justice for those responsible.