Pakistan’s inflation remains above 40% for the second week

Pakistan’s inflation remains above 40% for the second week

Pakistan’s struggle against inflation rages on, with weekly figures showing no respite for consumers burdened by skyrocketing costs. For the second consecutive month, inflation hovered above 40%, clocking in at 42.86% for the week ending September 24th.

This grim reality translates to everyday pain at the grocery store, as the prices of 19 essential commodities surged.

Chicken, tomatoes, eggs, onions, bananas, lentils, chickpeas, sugar, and dal were among the items that climbed in price, squeezing already stretched budgets. Even basic necessities like cooking oil and ghee saw increases, adding to the pressure on household finances.

While a handful of items, including potatoes, tea, garlic, and flour, offered some relief by becoming slightly cheaper, the overall trend painted a worrying picture.

On an annual basis, the sting of inflation is even more pronounced. Tomatoes witnessed a staggering 94% increase in price compared to last year, with peppers jumping 82% and garlic 68% more expensive. Wheat flour, a staple in Pakistani diets, saw a 65% rise, followed by sugar at 58% and rice at 54%.

Energy costs haven’t escaped the inflationary spiral, with gas charges skyrocketing by a staggering 1108% in just one year. Even cigarettes, a vice many try to cut back on during financial hardship, saw prices rise by 93%.

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