PIA flight narrowly avoids disaster at Islamabad Airport

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Flight Narrowly Avoids Disaster During Emergency Landing at Islamabad Airport

A potentially disastrous situation was narrowly avoided today at New Islamabad International Airport when a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, PK 325 destined for Quetta, encountered a dangerous mid-air event.

According to reports from the control tower, the pilot of the Airbus A320 promptly alerted air traffic control upon noticing abnormalities in the engine’s function after colliding with a bird during the flight.

With quick thinking and exceptional skill, the pilot successfully navigated the aircraft back to Islamabad Airport, ensuring a safe return.

Passengers onboard shared accounts of the tense moments as the pilot efficiently executed emergency procedures, guaranteeing the safety of everyone onboard.

“It was a sudden shake, followed by a loud sound. We sensed something was amiss,” expressed one passenger, commending the professionalism and calm demeanor displayed by the flight crew during the ordeal.

Upon landing, the aircraft was grounded, and a team of engineers was called in to evaluate the damage. Meanwhile, passengers scheduled for Quetta were promptly rebooked on another flight, minimizing disruptions to their travel arrangements.