Police have been instructed not to issue challan from 5 pm until Iftar.

Karachi Traffic Police instructed to suspend issuing traffic tickets from 5 pm until Iftar.

In his latest instructions, Karachi Traffic Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ahmed Nawaz has prohibited the issuance of traffic tickets to commuters hurrying home from 5 pm until the time of iftar throughout the ongoing month of Ramadan.

He has instructed all traffic officers in the city to ensure smooth traffic flow, enabling citizens on the roads to reach home punctually for breaking their fast.

The DIG emphasized that individuals traveling with their families should be cautioned instead of fined. Instead, traffic personnel are to concentrate on preventing violations of one-way regulations, which can often lead to major accidents and disrupt traffic flow.

DIG Nawaz also stressed the avoidance of parking rickshaws, cars, and motorcycles at intersections. He specified that officers lacking body-worn cameras should refrain from issuing tickets.

Additionally, he outlined that traffic officers and constables should not congregate on the roads and should strictly enforce the fast lane rule on Sharea Faisal, directing motorcyclists to stay in their designated lanes.

Furthermore, the DIG instructed traffic officials to allocate specific times for vehicle towing, which will only occur in instances of double or illegal parking. He warned of disciplinary action against officers found mistreating citizens.