Will William and Kate watch Suits post-Meghan’s criticism?

Royal commentators discuss whether Prince William and Kate Middleton will tune into Suits, following Meghan Markle’s departure and her recent critiques of the Royal Family

The possibility of Prince William and Kate Middleton tuning in to watch Suits in the forthcoming weeks has ignited a discourse among royal experts, prompting contemplation on whether the couple’s followers will also follow suit.

Ephraim Hardcastle, a renowned royal commentator, delved into this topic in his recent piece for The Daily Mail, focusing particularly on Meghan Markle’s potential to maintain viewership akin to that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The discussion arises against the backdrop of Suits being slated for future broadcast on BBC, heightening curiosity about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s viewing preferences.

Prince Harry himself had previously disclosed that both William and Kate were avid fans of the legal drama, even going as far as describing their reaction when he shared this insight.

“Their mouths fell open,” he recounted, adding, “I was baffled until Willy and Kate explained that they were regular—nay, religious—viewers of Suits.”

However, amidst Meghan Markle’s recent public appearances and interviews, where she has been critical of certain aspects of the Royal Family, including protocols like curtsying to the monarch, there’s speculation about whether William and Kate will continue to watch the show.

Ephraim Hardcastle pondered over the couple’s potential reaction to Meghan’s comments, especially considering their previous fondness for Suits.

He raised the question: in light of these developments, what might the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decide regarding their viewing habits? Reflecting on Prince Harry’s earlier concern about the possibility of fans hounding Meghan for autographs, the commentator mused about the odds of William and Kate tuning in to the show in the upcoming days.