Prince William Back to Duties Amid Kate Speculation

Prince William returns to duties happily amidst controversy over a video involving Kate Middleton labeled ‘fake’

Prince William resumes duties amid rumors regarding Princess Kate’s health and their marriage, visiting the Millennium Gallery in northern England to discuss ending homelessness.

William appeared cheerful, grinning widely during the meeting and jokingly remarked, “That’s my wife’s area, she needs to sit here.”

The 41-year-old was smartly dressed in a full blue suit, including a button-down shirt, navy blue waistcoat, blazer, and trousers.

Recently, William and Kate were seen shopping at a farmers’ market in Windsor. Despite the Princess appearing happy and engaging, palace insiders hoped this would quell speculation about her recovery.

However, the sighting only fueled rumors about Kate’s whereabouts and health. Critics labeled the video as fake, alleging that the woman in it isn’t Kate.

They pointed out the lack of attention the couple received and claimed the woman looked significantly younger.