Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s Gets Peacock Symbol in Tharparkar

Shah Mahmood Qureshi secured the peacock symbol for Tharparkar constituency NA 214.

Tharparkar: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi secures the peacock symbol in Tharparkar Constituency NA 214.

PTI, a prominent political party in Pakistan, has strategically designated symbols for its candidates for the Tharparkar Constituency.

Mehrul Nisaku, another PTI contender for NA 214, has been allotted the airplane symbol, while the Vice Chairman of PTI, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, will campaign under the distinctive peacock symbol.

According to the official Form 33 issued by the Returning Officer, 86 candidates have been granted election symbols for the six constituencies in Tharparkar.

Within this allocation, 11 candidates received symbols for NA-214, showcasing a competitive field for this constituency.

The distribution continues with 20 candidates securing symbols for NA 215, further emphasizing the political dynamism within Tharparkar.

In addition to the National Assembly seats, symbols have been granted for Provincial Assembly constituencies, including 11 for PS 52, 14 for PS 53, 12 for PS 54, and 18 for PS 55.