Punjab government warns private schools in Lahore.

Punjab government warns schools in Lahore against seeking funds beyond monthly fees, with actions planned against non-compliant schools; additionally, parents cannot be compelled to purchase uniforms or books from specific shops.

Lahore: the Punjab government issued a stern warning to private school owners and administrators, cautioning them against coercing parents into providing additional funds beyond monthly fees or compelling them to purchase uniforms and books exclusively from approved vendors.

A notice sent to private schools by the District Registration Authority, signed by Lahore’s Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider, cited Section 7A(7) and (10) of The Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance 1984.

It emphasized that private schools are only permitted to charge tuition and admission fees, and cannot mandate purchases from specific shops for uniforms and books.

Deputy Commissioner Haider instructed the Education Lahore CEO Pervez Akhtar to issue warning notices to all private schools in the district.

The move came after it was discovered that LACAS School was charging technology fees in addition to tuition and admission fees, and mandating purchases from specific vendors for books and uniforms.

CEO Akhtar clarified that complaints would lead to action against offending schools under relevant clauses of the law.

He emphasized that schools must not demand any funds beyond monthly fees and uniform purchases.

The order stated that if schools fail to comply after receiving the warning, penalties would be imposed as per the Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance 1984.

Schools were also instructed to submit a compliance report to the District Registration Authority, detailing actions taken to adhere to the ordinance’s provisions.