Torkham Border resumes operations after a 10-day closure

KPK: Pakistan Customs has confirmed the entry of the first Afghani cargo vehicle into Pakistan via the Torkham Border.

The Torkham border, a critical trade route, has resumed two-way trade after a 10-day suspension.

Customs officials confirm the entry of the first Afghan cargo vehicle into Pakistan post-reopening.

Customs authorities, following diplomatic discussions in Peshawar, have mandated that Afghan cargo drivers furnish travel documents by March 31.

Effective April 1, entry without these documents will be prohibited to enter in Pakistan.

The closure, initiated by the federal government on November 1, 2023, led to a significant economic impact, causing a daily loss of 5 crore rupees from bilateral trade.

During the hiatus, the country’s treasury suffered a substantial setback of 50 crore rupees.

Customs officials further note that Pakistan’s daily trade involves exports worth 30 million dollars and imports totaling 540 billion rupees from Afghanistan.

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