World’s First AI-powered Restaurant Opens in Pasadena

Miso Robotics and PopID reveal ‘CaliExpress’ World’s First AI Restaurant

The world’s first AI-powered restaurant, CaliExpress, has revolutionized the culinary scene in Pasadena, Southern California.

Launched by Cali Group in collaboration with Miso Robotics and PopID, the fully autonomous eatery boasts robotic fry and grill stations, providing a mesmerizing, fully automated dining experience.

Miso Robotics, known for its AI-powered fry station, Flippy, contributed to this innovative venture. Customers can witness the futuristic cooking processes through a “pseudo-museum experience.”

The incorporation of biometrics for ordering, courtesy of PopID, adds another layer of advanced technology to the cafeteria.

John Miller, CEO of PopID, hails it as the world’s first operating restaurant with fully automated ordering and cooking.

Rich Hull, CEO of Miso Robotics, highlights how AI-powered robotics enhance quality, consistency, and speed in the culinary industry, benefiting major chains.

The CaliExpress sets a new standard in autonomous dining, marking a groundbreaking fusion of technological advancements.

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